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Bihar / Jehanabad: Tears melted the heart of the judge of Lok Adalat, listened to the agony of 10 thousand to the elderly, the old man was a debtor of the bank

The generosity of District Judge Rakesh Kumar Singh was seen on Saturday in the Lok Adalat organized in the Jehanabad Civil Court premises. Adampur’s elder Rajendra Tiwari, who came to the court, had taken a loan from the bank 18 years ago, but was not able to return the loan. Notices were being sent to him repeatedly by the bank. This time a notice was sent and directed to appear in the Lok Adalat.

There was talk of drowning in debt after marrying the daughter

When the elders reached the Lok Adalat for a loan settlement, the bank asked to return the loan of Rs 18 thousand 600. The old man said that I have drowned in a lot of debt in the marriage of my daughter. Somehow, I have brought five thousand rupees by arranging. Take this and make me debt free. Saying this the elders started crying bitterly.

The judge felt pity after hearing the agony of the elderly

Hearing the agony of the elderly, Judge Rakesh Kumar felt pity. He told the bank officials that I would give the loan of the elderly myself. He paid off the debt of Rajendra Tiwari by giving ten thousand rupees. The remaining three thousand six hundred were given by a villager from Panditji’s village. This generosity of District Judge Rakesh Kumar Singh has been praised everywhere.