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Maharashtra / Pune : There was a fear of being exposed, the mother made her lover, the companion of the minor daughter,

You must have heard that parents get their children married to their lovers. But sometimes some such cases come to the fore which blow everyone’s senses. Many times people target their children to hide their crime. Something similar happened with a minor living in Pune. Here the mother of the minor has become the enemy of his life and respect.

Mother got her daughter married to her lover

According to the information received, a woman in Pune got her minor daughter married to her own lover. After marriage, the young man also made physical relations with the minor. The 15-year-old minor mentioned this incident with her to her friend. Then her friend informed about this incident to another woman and that woman lodged a complaint with the police. After this, a case of rape including child marriage has been registered against the accused mother and her lover.

The minor had seen both in objectionable condition

According to the information received, a 36-year-old woman lives with her 15-year-old minor daughter in Chandan Nagar area of ​​Pune. She was having a love affair with a 28-year-old youth for several months. The lover used to keep coming to the woman’s house continuously. One day the minor saw both of them in an objectionable condition. The woman felt that the daughter would tell this to everyone, so she threatened to kill the daughter and forced her to marry the lover. Despite the daughter’s refusal, a few days ago the woman got both of them married.

This is how the case was revealed

After this, the accused youth made physical relations with the minor. It went on like this for many days. But out of fear of his mother, he did not say anything to anyone. Tolerated every day. After this, the victim told her friend about the whole incident that happened to her, the friend was surprised to hear this. He told this to the woman of his identity. that woman

Case registered against both the accused

After the complaint received by the police, the matter was investigated. Investigation confirmed the existence of child marriage. Then the police immediately rescued the minor and arrested the accused. A case has been registered against the mother and her lover under sections of rape along with child marriage. The accused woman told that she had gone to some program in her village with her daughter. There her closeness with that young man increased and then their affair started.