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Truth and Reality

Delhi : She was going to sacrifice the newborn to revive her father, know what the girl said when the truth was revealed…?

In October 2022, the father of a young woman had died. During the funeral, someone told her that if she would sacrifice a newborn, her father would be resurrected. What was it then that the girl started befriending the houses in the area where the newborn child was born. He sensed the concern of the parents of the children for their better health. Making an excuse for the better health of the newborn, she used to go closer to their relatives. Telling herself to be working in an NGO, she started bluffing people about the efficient health and vaccination of their children.

Was taken in the car

This whole matter is of Kotla Mubarakpur area of ​​South East Delhi. The girl, who had been staring for a long time, got a chance on November 10. She kidnapped a child living in Garhi village here and took it with her. The family members complained about this to the police. With the help of CCTV, the police first reached the woman’s car, then reached her and recovered the child safely. According to South East Delhi DCP Isha Pandey, on November 10, at around 4 pm, information was received in the police station Amar Colony that a two-month-old newborn child from Garhi village has been abducted by an unknown woman.

Girl thrown in ghaziabad

The victim had told the police that the kidnapped girl met them at Safdarjung Hospital and introduced herself as a member of an NGO working for mother and child care. She had taken the child along with another girl on the day of the incident. After making the girl drink intoxicants in a cold drink, he threw her in Ghaziabad. During the investigation of the police, it was found that two cases of robbery and theft were registered against the girl earlier as well.