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Uttarakhand : This Congress leader has increased the restlessness in the Congress!

There is a lot of uneasiness within the Congress due to the announcement of former state president of Congress and former Leader of Opposition Pritam Singh on the secretariat march on November 21. Although the leaders of the state organization are not doing anything openly, but due to Pritam’s program, there is no less discomfort. The complaint is that the state organization was not taken into confidence before organizing a big program.

This is the first time after a long time that Pritam is going to do a big political program on his own personal. While holding the post of state president, Pritam has done big programs many times, but this is his first big program after leaving the post of president and leader of opposition. Pritam says that this secretariat tour program is about the subjects related to public interest and state interest.

I myself am a dedicated soldier of Congress. Everyone will participate enthusiastically in it. According to sources, Pritam Camp has attached this program to its reputation. The preparations for this have just started. On the other hand, State Vice President-Organization Mathuradutt Joshi said that Pritam Singh is the senior most leader of Congress. Secretariat march program is a program of the entire party and the entire people of the state. Everyone will be involved in this.