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Twitter got 15 fake accounts verified by taking money, Elon Musk is getting upset

Elon Musk was only involved in controversies till now for charging money from the paid verification feature i.e. those with verified accounts on Twitter, but now he has to face embarrassment as well. The matter is about verifying about 15 fake accounts from the Twitter platform by taking money. By creating a fake account, many users took the blue tick by paying $8. Already people were unhappy about all the changes on Twitter. Now Elon Musk is also facing a lot of trouble due to this matter coming to the fore.

Not only this, America’s giant pharma company Eli Lilly has suffered a loss of $ 15 billion. In the race for verification, the fake account of former US President Donald Trump was also verified, while Twitter had banned Trump’s account long ago.

There was a stir among the investors of the company

Now the user has started firing questions. People say that when the fake account of such a celebrity is verified, it can happen to anyone. The great thing is that due to this Eli Lily and Company company had to suffer a big loss. The investors of Eli Lilly and Company (LLY) were stirred due to the tweet from the blue tick found on the fake account of the pharma company and its stock fell drastically.

Getting blue ticks on fake accounts

Let us tell you, Twitter has started Blue Tick Subscription (Paid Verification Feature) 2 days back. In this, any user could get a blue tick by paying $ 8, but many users have also started taking advantage of it wrongly. Fake accounts are now posting fake posts with blue ticks. Now in such a situation, Elon Musk is again in a controversy.

Musk has made many changes on Twitter

After coming to the command of Twitter in the hands of Elon Musk, he has made many changes on Twitter. As soon as he got the ownership rights of the company, he first showed the way out to many officers including the CEO of the company. After this, he also fired many employees. Then made Blue Tick on Twitter subscription based. Due to all such changes, he is getting embroiled in controversies.