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Uttarakhand : Harish Rawat said – If the watchman also starts shouting ‘Chor’-thief out of fear, who will take action?

Former CM Harish Rawat challenged the BJP on the statement made by former CM Tirath Singh Rawat on commission. Talking to the media after participating in the Nehru Jayanti programs at Rajiv Bhavan on Monday, Rawat said that there are endless stories of BJP’s corruption. The general public is suffering from this. Now even the watchmen have started shouting out of fear that they are thieves. When the people of the government start expressing concern instead of taking action on corruption, then who will stop it? Rawat said that if the BJP is accusing the Congress governments of corruption, then they should investigate. Whoever is corrupt, catch him and punish him. Who has stopped? There is only BJP government in this state for the last six years, so why was no action taken? Isn’t it that all the thieves are sitting in BJP’s kitchen, that’s why action is not being taken? Rawat also indirectly targeted the Cooperative Minister Dr. Dhan Singh Rawat for not taking action on the investigation report in the cooperative bank recruitment scam. Said that, if the hands of those who give punishment start trembling, then how will corruption be stopped.

Rawat will protest at SIT office

Rawat also raised questions regarding the Ankita Bhandari murder case. He said that in this episode the name of a VIP has come up again and again for which services were being sought from Ankita. If the system is not able to bring out the name of that VIP, then it simply means that the system is connected to those people.

Small minded people oppose Nehru

Rawat said that Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru had laid the foundation of modern India. There is no such area of ​​development of the country and society, for which he has not laid a strong foundation. It was Pandit Nehru who laid the foundation stone for a grand India. But there are some forces and elements who do not have such understanding. He was never concerned with the development and brotherhood of the country and society. That’s why they try to attack Nehru’s image from time to time through various means.