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If you pick up this frog in your hand, then understand that you have embraced death, it can kill 5 people in 1 minute, poison spreads by touching it.

Many beautiful creatures are found on earth, some of which attract people towards them. These creatures found in the world have a specialty of their own. Many of these beautiful looking creatures are highly venomous while some are downright harmless. Many such creatures are found on earth, which seem to have come from other planets. Everyone is afraid of poisonous creatures and tries to stay away from them. Today we will tell you about one such frog which is very poisonous. This frog can kill 10 people in three minutes. Not only this, the poison spreads just by touching it. The name of this poisonous frog is Golden Poison Frog which is about two inches long. Let’s know about this most dangerous and poisonous frog of the world.

According to National Geographic, there is no exact information about why this frog is poisonous. But its venom is believed to come from plants and poisonous insects. This is because the poison is not found in frogs that breed away from such places. This frog is so poisonous that just touching it can cause death. People associated with medical research are searching for the medical use of this frog. They believe that this frog can be useful in making medicines. Scientists are trying to make a powerful pain killer through this.

There are 100 species of poisonous frogs
There are more than 100 species of these bright frogs. Their length is on average more than an inch. Most frog species live within a small patch of rain forest on Colombia’s Pacific coast. These frogs are abundant in small areas only. However, along with the destruction of the Rainforest, the existence of these frogs is also under threat.

Picked up in hand then embraced death
The color of these frogs can be yellow, orange or light green. Their color can be different according to different places. These frogs do this to ward off predators. Talking about their diet, they eat flies, crickets, ants, and termites. The body of frogs is also poisonous. When any kind of danger is felt, poison starts coming out of the skin. If the poison is applied directly on the human skin, then the effect starts. The pulse starts shrinking and after some time the person may die.