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Uttarakhand : Government is fulfilling the promises made to the people of Uttarakhand – CM Dhami

Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami said that his government is fulfilling all the promises made to the people of Uttarakhand, including setting up a committee to draft the Uniform Civil Code and eradicating corruption. During his visit to Rudraprayag, Dhami said, “Uttarakhand was the first state to set up a committee to draft the Uniform Civil Code and now other states like Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh are following suit.” He said that irregularities were happening in the recruitment examinations since 2014-15, but when it was brought to his notice, he got the matter probed by the Special Task Force (STF). As a result, 45 people involved in irregularities were put behind bars, the Chief Minister said. This investigation will continue till the last person involved in the irregularities reaches the jail.

Referring to the steps being taken for women empowerment, he said that our government has set a target of making one lakh women millionaires in the state by the year 2025, when the state completes 25 years of its establishment. “Women will be given interest-free loans to set up their own businesses and become prosperous,” he said. The Chief Minister said that in order to promote development, the good practices of other hilly states would be implemented in his own state as well. Citing the example of Himachal Pradesh in this regard, the Chief Minister said that every apple grower there was earning Rs.3 crore on an average every year. He said that to promote horticulture in Uttarakhand also, the state government will develop 1000 new gardens in the coming years.

He said that nursing college will take shape in Kothgi also within a year. Dhami said, “I have made it clear to the officials that every project for which the foundation stone is being laid will also be inaugurated.”