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Why did popular singer ‘Adnan Sami’ leave Pakistan? This statement came to the fore

Bollywood’s popular singer Adnan Sami left the citizenship of Pakistan and became an Indian citizen. However, people made different speculations behind his decision. Recently, Adnan (Adnan Sami) spoke openly on his decision to leave Pakistan and come to India, he also talked about the harassment by the Government of Pakistan in a social media post. Adnan’s father is Pakistani, while he was born in Canada. In his post, Adnan has made a scathing attack on the government of the neighboring country. Adnan had taken Indian citizenship in the year 2016.

Left pakistan because of this

Sharing a long note on the Instagram post, Adnan said that he will soon bring the real face of the Government of Pakistan in front of everyone. He said that it is not for him that Pakistanis love him. He also loves his fans, but he is very upset with the administration there. They were not treated well. Adnan said, ‘People ask why I have so much hatred for Pakistan? The truth is that I do not have any ill feelings towards the people of Pakistan, they also love him.

I will expose when the time comes

He further said, ‘My issue is with the government there, those who know me know what the administration did to me. This was the reason why he left Pakistan. Soon I will expose the whole truth, what they did to me. Many people do not know about this, at least the general public will be surprised by my disclosure. I remained silent for many years, I will reveal when the right time comes.’ The reaction of his fans is also coming to the fore on this post of Adnan. Many Indian fans said, ‘You are the pride of India, Adnan ji.’ Another wrote, ‘You are an Indian now and we are proud of you.’