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Australia’s cricketer took a brilliant catch, people said- “All the principles of physics have been broken”

Although there are many such cricketers on the cricket field, whom the world knows because of their good fielding. Be it Jonty Rods, Mohammad Kaif or Ravindra Jadeja. These are the players who contribute to the team through fielding along with ball and bat. You will get to see many such videos on social media, after watching which you will say – I have not seen the best fielding anywhere. Recently, a video is going viral on social media. In this video it can be seen how a player breaks all the principles of physics and takes a spectacular catch.

It can be seen in the video that Australian player Ashton Agar is seen fielding near the boundary. The batsman hits a six but Ashton Agar makes a spectacular jump, catches the ball with one hand and throws it outside the boundary. This catch is amazing. Whoever has seen this video is surprised. After watching this video, people are commenting and writing that he has caught the catch by breaking the laws of physics.

This viral video has been shared on social media by a Twitter user named @tomwildie. This video has got more than 8 thousand likes. At the same time, comments of many people are visible on this video. While commenting, a user has written – I have not seen a better video than this.