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Uttar Pradesh / Gorakhpur : Policemen wept after reading the diary of the girl who embraced death with her father and sister, the story will shake the soul, poverty took her life!

The incident of suicide of father and two daughters in Gorakhpur district shook everyone. On coming to know about the incident, only one thing was coming out of everyone’s mouth that ‘God should not show such a day to anyone’. Due to poverty, the father hanged the pieces of his heart along with himself. The policemen also got emotional after reading the diary and notebook found in Manya’s room. Manya loved her mother very much. He has written in his diary that she was my mother, whom you snatched from me. Now my father is fighting for all of us. you are so cruel And I guess I’m a curse. Now I can’t tolerate this pain and this sad life. This life is very difficult. Give me some happiness Everyone has problems in life, I don’t know how they live. i want to fight with you But there is a long list of problems. Oh life, don’t be so cruel to me, I am not strong enough, please spare me.

Life gave money problem

Manya has written on the second page of her diary that life is very cruel. It gave us money problems. Despite this, we made ourselves strong. So that we don’t think why me. Rather we will face the challenge.

My eyes hurt when i cry

Wrote on the third page that my heart has now become of stone. My eyes hurt when I cry. Then I cry my head explodes. No one understands the problems, sorrows, crying, insults in life. There is no one in this whole world who can understand me. No one to console. I have to show the world that I am strong.

I’m broken by betrayal

I am broken inside because of the betrayal, from every single person I have met. No relation is true in this world except my father and sister. Oh god my eyes are hurting. I am scared When will my tears end I don’t know when I will be happy in this life. Life always brings a new blast. I’m tired Please I have lost my most precious thing. Please stop, I want to rest, I am begging.

They think motherless children will do dirty things

Similarly, it is written on the fourth page that I cannot believe that the person whom I used to consider as my friend used to think like this about me and my family. I thought she was not talking to me. So she must be in some tension. But not like everyone else, he also had the same mindset that we are children without a mother, and will do dirty things. How can she think

Please diary don’t tell these things to anyone

The wheel of life again came to a point where I felt that I should end my life who are those people who want to destroy my family. Yes I know who those people are but why they don’t want to see us happy. Oh god, I can’t write anymore. I’m stopping myself here. I’m out of breath. Please diary please never tell these things to anyone. I will tear these pages by myself, when happiness will come.

Omprakash lit the fire with trembling hands

After the post-mortem, Jitendra and his two daughters were cremated on the Rapti coast of Rajghat on Tuesday evening. Omprakash lit the pyre with trembling hands. He was crying and speaking to the relatives who came to console him, for whom should he live now. Daughter-in-law left Simmi two years ago. Wife Sudha died four months ago. Son and granddaughters also left behind.