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Sheep roaming round and round for 12 days, a surprising incident came to the fore

Some or the other video goes viral on social media. These days an incident has come to light from China, whose video has gone viral on social media. Actually, in the video, the herd of sheep has been roaming round and round continuously for the last 12 days. People are perplexed because of the continuous round-the-clock movement. People are also very surprised because most of these sheep are completely healthy even after roaming.

This incident happened two weeks ago in northern China and only then it was videoed. The footage has now surfaced. Several sheep are seen in the video, which are moving non-stop in a circle. Miao, the owner of the sheep, says that in the beginning a few sheep did this, after which most of the sheep started going round and round. In the video, some sheep are even standing quietly, but the sheep around them are continuously going round and round.

Although, it is not yet confirmed what is the reason behind this behavior of sheep, but a bacteria called listeriosis is believed to be the reason. This bacteria causes roundworms in animals. According to Mole Care Farm Vets, it is usually associated with poor silage. This disease causes swelling in a part of the brain, which causes vertigo.