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West Bengal / Bankura: Kutta was written instead of Dutta in the ration card, the person started barking in front of the BDO

A man from Bankura district of West Bengal barks like a ‘dog’, walks on both hands and feet like a dog, runs behind a car and even while talking But barks. The name of this person who behaves like a dog is Srikanti Kumar Dutta. The reason for behaving like a dog has also come to the fore. Everyone was surprised to know that. Know what happened to Srikanti that he started barking and walking like a dog. According to information, Srikanti Kumar Dutta, a resident of Bikna in Bankura district, has been behaving like a dog for a few days. Behaves like a dog in the house as well as outside the house. Many videos of his behavior have also surfaced. In a video, Srikanti was seen barking at Bikona’s BDO and pouncing on him. The BDO was also taken aback by his doing so. Shrikanti was also seen running behind the BDO’s vehicle barking.

The reason behind Srikanti behaving like a dog has been revealed. Srikanti’s ration card was updated a few days ago. In the ration card, his name was written as ‘Srikanti Kumar Kutta’ instead of ‘Srikanti Kumar Dutta’. After this Srikanti made several rounds of the local office to get her name changed in the ration card. Also showed his other documents, in which his correct name was written. But the staff did not correct his name.

Behaved like a ‘dog’ in front of BDO

Due to the negligence of the employees on the complaint of name change, the idea came to Srikanti. When he reached the local BDO office, he started behaving like a ‘dog’ in front of people. When the BDO reached the office sitting in his official vehicle, Srikanti kept on barking like a dog even while giving him his complaint application. The BDO also got scared due to his behaviour. Later, after taking her application, the BDO understood the whole thing and ordered the employees to remove the word ‘dog’ from Srikanti’s name and to mark her correct name again on the ration card.