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Bengali actress Andrila Sharma passed away at the age of 24 due to multiple cardiac arrest

Bengali film industry’s popular actress Andrila Sharma has passed away at the age of 24. He breathed his last in the hospital on 20 November after suffering multiple cardiac arrest. For the past several days, Andrila Sharma was walking in a coma. Due to his departure, a wave of mourning has echoed in the entire industry.

Andrilla was given CPR a few days ago

Andrila’s condition was getting worse day by day. He also suffered multiple heart attacks on November 15, after which his condition worsened further. He was even given CPR. After that she was on ventilator support for several days. Everyone is shocked to hear about Andrilla.

The subsequent CT scan report revealed new blood clots in his head. These clots were occurring on the opposite side of the part of Aindrila’s head that was operated upon. Andrila had cancer 2 times. He had suffered a stroke a few days ago, due to which blood clots had accumulated in his brain.

Has won the battle with cancer twice

When Andrila Sharma was diagnosed with cancer for the second time, she did not give up. He had completed his critical surgery. During that time, his chemotherapy sessions also went on, only after which the doctors declared him cancer free. After that, Andrila had also made a comeback in acting, but suddenly the health of the actress deteriorated again and she had to be admitted to the hospital.

Who is Andrila Sharma?

Talking about Andrila Sharma, she is more visible in Bengali cinema. He started his career with the TV show ‘Jhoomar’. After this he did many popular shows. Andrila also did 2 OTT projects recently.