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PM Modi roared in Gujarat, said – ‘I will give you the account of all my work’,

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who arrived on a two-day Gujarat tour, addressed a public meeting in Veraval on the second day. During this, he won everyone’s heart with his speech. Let us tell you that before this Prime Minister Narendra Modi worshiped in Somnath temple. While addressing the public meeting, PM Modi appealed to the voters that this time the record has to be broken. He said- ‘Participate enthusiastically in the festival of democracy. Gujarat reached new heights with good governance. You have to make BJP win. I want Bhupendra to break all the records of Narendra. Gujarat will reach a new height of development. I also want to say that I will give you the account of all my work.

Apart from this, here Prime Minister Narendra Modi also said that he will work hard for the development of Gujarat. Survey polls are saying that BJP will win. The people of Gujarat have always blessed the BJP. This time also the public will bless. With this, PM Modi said, ‘This is my first election rally in Saurashtra and that too on the holy land of Somnath Dada. The desert of Kutch seemed to be a problem for us. We converted this desert of Kutch into ‘Toran of Gujarat’.

On the other hand, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, ‘These my mothers and sisters used to carry water in buckets for three to five kilometers. This son took the initiative to remove the shackles from his head. Today the coast of Gujarat is booming. The ports of Gujarat have become the gateway to the prosperity of India.