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Uttarakhand / Pithoragarh : Relative murdered a 2-year-old innocent by slitting his throat, shocking incident came to the fore

Here a crazy person killed a 2-year-old child. The child’s neck was cut. The accused is said to be a close relative of the deceased. After committing the crime, the accused absconded.

The incident happened around Monday afternoon. Vansh Kunwar (2 years) son Ramesh Singh Kunwar, a resident of Sop Tok of Garguwa village, was bathed by his mother Kavita Kunwar. After bathing the child, she was massaging the child with oil in the sun in the courtyard of the house. Just then, Gagan Singh (30 years), a resident of Kot Chapri, District Darchula, Nepal, who seems to be a maternal uncle of Vansh, reached him with a sharp weapon and cut two-year-old innocent Vansh in the neck with a sharp weapon Badiyath (big sickle).

Incident 24 km from Dharchula tehsil headquarter

Sop Tok located at Garguwa village, situated at a distance of Here, a 2-year-old descendant of a Nepalese relative, Kunwar, was killed by stabbing him in the neck with a sharp weapon. Other people were also attacked by the accused. He somehow saved his life by running away.
He killed Vansh by stabbing him in the neck with a sharp weapon. Before Vansh’s mother Kavita could understand anything, the cynical Nepali used a sharp weapon to attack her as well. She somehow escaped and entered the room inside the house. Locked the door from inside.

When the grandfather of the dynasty, Kushal Singh Kunwar (60), came out of the house after hearing his call to save him, Nepali attacked him with a sharp weapon. Saved by Kushal Singh. During this attack, two fingers of his left palm were cut off.

Apart from this, other parts of the body also suffered serious injuries. The villagers informed about the incident to Kotwali Dharchula. As soon as the information was received, Kotwal Kunwar Singh Rawat along with the police team and the revenue team reached the spot. Kotwal told that on reaching the spot, Vansh’s body was lying. The absconding accused is being searched. Seeing the orgy of Gagan, the deceased Vansh’s grandmother, Tai and Vansh’s mother saved their lives by locking themselves inside the room. The murderer Nepali Gagan Singh absconded after carrying out the incident. At the time of the incident, Ramesh Singh, the father of the deceased had gone to the forest with his cattle.