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Uttar Pradesh / Meerut : Two brothers kept doing fake jobs in the army for 4 months, the thugs also sent salary to the account! 16 lakh cheated

A big fraud has come to the fore in the name of job in the army. Here, a jawan posted in the Territorial Army, along with his partner, cheated lakhs by getting two brothers to get jobs in the army. Not only this, so that no one should know, the thugs kept putting 12 thousand rupees in the account of both the brothers every month. When the gang was busted, even the Meerut police were shocked. The police have arrested both the accused and started investigating the case.

This is the whole matter

In fact, the identity of Manoj, a resident of Ghaziabad district, became Rahul, a resident of Muzaffarnagar. Rahul is a soldier in the Territorial Army. Rahul, along with his friend Bittu resident Daurala, assured Manoj that he could get him a job in the army. Rahul told Manoj that Bittu is a colonel in the army. After this, Rahul convinced Manoj and his brother to join the army.

Cheated 16 lakh rupees from both the brothers

After this, both thugs Rahul and Bittu took about 16 lakh rupees from both the brothers in the name of jobs in the army. After taking the money, both the brothers started pressing for the job. After this, Rahul bought the uniform from the market and gave it to Manoj. Not only this, a fake ID of the army was also made and posted as a follower in the office.

Colonel used to talk on video call

Bittu used to make video calls from time to time wearing Colonel’s uniform so that Manoj does not get suspicious. Meanwhile, every month 12 thousand rupees were also deposited in Manoj’s account. When Manoj met the colonel and insisted on being shifted to another section, Rahul started making excuses. Rahul avoided meeting the colonel by saying that he was going abroad. Manoj started doubting on this. After this Manoj complained to the police.

An accused absconding

On Manoj’s complaint, the Meerut police contacted the Delhi unit of the army. After this, the Delhi unit of the Army busted the whole matter. Police has arrested both the accused Rahul and Bittu. Also started investigation against both. SP City Meerut Piyush Singh said that Rahul cheated Rs 16 lakh by pretending to be a soldier in the army. Three people were found involved in this. Rahul and Bittu have been arrested, while a person named Raja is absconding. Search for him is going on.