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Aftab’s polygraph test started, some more pieces of dead body recovered

The process of polygraph test of accused Aftab in the Shraddha Walker murder case is likely to be completed today. According to sources, the process before the polygraph test has been completed. At the same time, the police have found some more pieces of the dead body at the behest of Aftab. These pieces have been sent for examination. According to the reports, the jaw is also involved in these pieces.

In fact, on the evening of Tuesday 22 November, Delhi Police had taken Aftab to the Forensic Science Lab from where he was taken to Ambedkar Hospital in Rohini. After staying in Ambedkar Hospital for about 15 minutes, Aftab’s pre-polygraph test was started.

FSL officials said that pre-med sessions and scientific sessions have taken place for Aftab’s polygraphy test.
Preparations for Aftab’s test are going on in Delhi’s Forensic Science Lab, FSL Additional Director Sanjeev Gupta claimed that it may take a week to complete the test. Delhi Police has got 4 more days remand of accused Aftab. The police said that Aftab is yet to be interrogated. Some more body parts and weapons are to be recovered on the trail of Aftab.

Delhi Police has so far recovered 18 bones from the forests of Mehrauli and Chhatarpur. A jaw has also been found in it. After investigation in the forensic lab, it will be clear whether the pieces belong to Shraddha’s body or not.
On November 20, on Aftab’s trail, the police recovered Shraddha’s jaw. CFSL team was also called for investigation on the spot. The police got the map from Aftab’s house. The police can get special help in the Shraddha case from the map. Aftab has mentioned on the map the places where Shraddha’s body parts were kept.
On November 22, a video of Aftab surfaced in which accused Aftab is seen talking to an officer standing inside the Forensic Science Laboratory office. Aftab’s body language appeared fearless during this, due to which everyone is shocked and upset.

Delhi Police on Tuesday recorded statements of 3 friends of accused Aftab in Vasai Crime Branch of Palghar district of Maharashtra. Delhi Police has so far recorded the statements of 17 people.
Aftab was presented in the Saket court through video conferencing on 22 November where he confessed his crime and said that he had killed Shraddha in anger. He also said that he is now fully helping the police in the investigation.

Aftab said, “I have told the police where the pieces of Shraddha’s body were thrown. Now so much time has passed that I have forgotten a lot”. He said that whatever happened happened by mistake. Killed in anger. He answered all the questions in English only. He answers the questions in English only in the interrogation of the police.