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Uttar Pradesh / Jalaun: Age is passing by, Inspector! Get me married, this person reached the police station with the complaint of marriage

The police are there for our safety, but what if an applicant reaches the police station and requests to get married. One such unique case has come to the fore. A 30-year-old youth reached here with a Tahrir in the name of the Kotwali in-charge. In which he is pleading that he should be married. He requested to convey his complaint to the Chief Minister. Later the police called his relatives and handed him over to them.

Age is passing, not married yet

Shahid Shah, an elderly resident of village Sheikhpur, reached Orai Kotwali on Tuesday with an application for getting married. While giving the application to Additional Inspector Arvind Yadav at Kotwali, Shahid said that he is 30 years old, but he is not married yet. Because of this he remains mentally disturbed. Inspector Arvind Kumar Yadav says that the youth had brought the application. Later his relatives were called. Relatives told that Shahid’s mental condition is not good. Shahid has been handed over to his relatives.