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Uttarakhand : BJP’s senior hardworking leader will be adjusted in various corporations and boards in the government. Dhami will put the final stamp

The high command has now come out with a middle formula on the long-standing tussle between the ruling BJP in Uttarakhand. Before the new year, the Dhami government has completed its homework to pacify the matter by making more than 40 workers liable. The high command has given its approval on the proposal of the state organization. Now Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami will put a final stamp on it. Which can come out by the end of December.

Consideration of adjusting in various corporations, boards in the government by making them liable

There is a lot of discussion about this inside the BJP organization. In the BJP, several times in the past, including the former CM, the statements of veteran leaders of the party have worked to put their own government in trouble. Due to which the BJP government was also discredited. Not only this, the matter reached Delhi as well. Taking these statements seriously, the high command also ordered senior leaders to present their views in the party’s platform. Meanwhile, the displeasure of the party leaders with the government and the talk of fitting their faces also kept happening inside. On which the high command prepared an intermediate formula on the demand of the state organization. Under which it was considered to adjust the senior working leaders of the party in various corporations and boards in the government by making them responsible. To which we were filled by the high command. Now by the end of December, the matter of releasing the list from CM Dhami is coming to the fore. Sources claim that more than 50 names have been submitted by the state organization. BJP state president Mahendra Bhatt has also indicated this. It is believed that more than 40 responsibilities can be distributed in the first phase. In which many names are also included whose tickets were cut in the assembly elections. In this way an attempt will be made to strike a balance. So that the party workers can be kept united till the civic elections and the Lok Sabha elections.

In Dhami-2, an exercise to appease the workers by giving them responsibilities

When the government comes, political parties try to appease their workers by giving them responsibilities in various corporations, councils and committees. In the past, the Trivendra government ignored the responsibilities holders in 4 and a half years even after coming to the government with full majority. . Distribute the responsibility to the workers even for a short period of time. In the previous government, 3 faces of the CM were changed, cabinet ministers were repeated, but the responsibility holders did not get the responsibility again. Whose displeasure was clearly seen inside the BJP. In Uttarakhand, about 120 responsibilities were made in the tenure of about four years in the government of BJP’s former CM Trivendra Singh Rawat. But later in the first tenure of Tirath Singh Rawat and Dhami, the workers kept waiting for the responsibility. But in Dhami-2, once again the exercise to make the workers happy by giving them responsibilities has started.