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Scientist revealed, told the secret of sheep going round and round, viral video surprised everyone

Sometimes some incidents are seen, which force even scientists to think. One such incident took place in China’s Inner Mongolia, the video of which went viral on social media. In this video, many sheep were seen circling together and the most surprising thing was that despite continuous circling, most of these sheep were completely healthy. At first this incident made even the scientists think. Even people started considering it as a ‘sign of doomsday’, but now the secret of this circular rotation of the sheep has come to the fore. A professor at a university in England has found out the reason behind this strange behavior of sheep.

Watch this strange video of sheep going round and round

In fact, in the video that went viral, sheep can be seen going round and round. The special thing in this was that only the herd of sheep living in number 13 enclosure was going round and round. According to reports, this was happening continuously for several days. The sheep were just going on like zombies, not taking the name of stopping. Miao, the owner of the sheep, had told that this strange behavior of hers was first seen only in a few sheep, but gradually her whole herd got involved in it.

When this video went viral on social media, people started talking different things. Some started saying that this is a sign of doom, while some started saying that where the sheep are roaming round and round, the door of hell will open from there.