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Bihar / Bhagalpur: The marriage was confirmed with someone else, someone else arrived in the mandap posing as the groom, then in film style, shots were fired throughout the night! 1 killed

A shocking case has come to light from Bhagalpur in Bihar. Everyone is surprised that how did this happen. There is only one question on everyone’s lips. The groom was changed before marriage in a village under Rangra Assistant Police Station area of ​​Bhagalpur. This incident is being told of Sahora village. Where Kailash Yadav’s daughter was about to get married but there was a lot of ruckus in the marriage. Now why should there be a ruckus, the boy who was about to get married did not even reach the wedding hall. Then there was a lot of fighting in the marriage.

Bloody game in marriage

In this dispute, both the sides fought fiercely. During this the bullet also fired. While firing, a relative of the bride died on the spot. After this the Baraati returned home without taking the bride. The police is now probing the matter due to the bloody game in the marriage.

Groom changed in the mandap

Police informed that this matter is related to Sahora village. Where Kailash Yadav’s daughter Anjali was married, but just before the marriage, a dispute started regarding change of groom. According to family members, the marriage of Raju’s cousin Anjali was fixed in Bandehara village of Khagaria district. According to the fixed time and day, the procession reached on Tuesday, but the girl’s side accused of changing the groom. The girl’s side alleged that the boy with whom the marriage was fixed was not the person who became the groom.

Bride’s relative killed

A dispute started between the two sides regarding this matter and the matter reached to a fight. After this, it is alleged that sticks were used from both the sides. Meanwhile someone started firing. A youth, identified as Raju Yadav, died due to bullet injuries. The deceased is said to be a relative of the bride. After getting the information of the incident, the police also reached the spot. police is investigating the case. A police official said that raids are being conducted to arrest the accused.