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Uttarakhand : Best wishes on the idea of modernizing madrassas, but not 7, connect all madrassas with modern education ‘Shams’ – Congress state media in-charge

Media in-charge of Uttarakhand Congress, Rajeev Mehrishi said that the BJP, which accused the Congress of appeasement, has come down to appeasement today. I would like to congratulate BJP leader and Chairman of Uttarakhand Waqf Board, Shadab Shams, on his idea of ​​modernizing madrassas, but his talk of modern education is just air. His functionality is not hidden from anyone. These people are experts of verbal hoarding, only throwing jumlas, the people of the state know very well the nature of such people.

Rajeev Maharishi said that for the last eight years we have been seeing that the BJP has only created falsehood. The Prime Minister has been tossing Quran in one hand and laptop in one hand to Muslim children and today Shadab Shams is playing the same record. The million dollar question is that why the Waqf Board with huge resources wants to use it only in seven madrassas when there are more than hundred madrassas under them. This shows their commitment. Shadab knows that he cannot succeed in his plan, so he is only talking about connecting seven madrasas with modern education, that too from the next academic session. If they have faith in their ability and skills then why not implement NCERT syllabus in all madrasas under Waqf Board when there is enough time for new academic session but it is undeniable truth that BJP has no such intention in reality, They are making such gimmicks just to remain in the limelight. These people have nothing to do with the welfare of the minorities. Had it been so, its results would have come to the fore in the last eight years.