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Pain-anger, tension and fear… After the death of 6 in Assam-Meghalaya violence, the people of the border village in fear, CM said – will get justice

Forest officials of Assam stopped a truck in Mukru area at around 3 am on Tuesday, which was allegedly carrying illegally cut wood. Six people died in the violence that followed. Now the situation of tension remains in Mukru village. Several cars with black flags have been prepared for the protest rally at the Assam-Meghalaya border. The local people are forced to live in the shadow of fear.

On Wednesday, the governments of Assam and Meghalaya tried their best to defuse the tension along their disputed border with the incident, which is expected to lead to border talks soon. Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma described the firing by his state police as “unprovoked” and said the state cabinet has recommended a CBI probe. Meghalaya CM Conrad Sangma visited Mukru and assured the residents of justice and fair compensation to the families of the victims. However, local residents said they still have pain, suffering, fear and anger.

‘People are sad, insecure and angry’

Officials have identified those killed as Thal Shadap (45), Sik Talang (55), Chirup Sumer (40), Tal Nartiang (40) and Nikhasi Dhar (65) from the village. The body of Assam Forest Guard Bidyasing Lekhte, the sixth person killed in the clashes, has been handed over to the neighboring state by authorities in Meghalaya. According to a report published in Indian Express, village headman Haimboid Sumer said, “People are sad, insecure and angry…they are worried that they (Assam police) will bring guns again. These are not rubber bullets. Real bullets.”

According to him, this incident has reopened the wounds of 20 years ago, when six villagers were shot dead by armed rebels. Sumer said, “Both the governments of Meghalaya and Assam have announced Rs 5 lakh as compensation for the families of those killed. Money cannot bring back the dead. Instead, those behind this unprovoked firing will be brought to justice.” Should be immediately brought to justice.”

‘He should be arrested immediately’

Referring to the Assam government’s action, Sumer said, “Mukru is not a disputed area, but it has suffered a lot from the inter-state border conflict. No one in this village will accept blood money from Assam as compensation. Some police and forest officials were suspended, transferred. What good will it do? They should be arrested immediately.”

Assam issued a warning

Authorities in Assam have warned against state vehicles passing through Meghalaya till the situation is under control. He told that a vehicle with Assam number plate was set on fire in Jhalupara area of ​​Shillong. West Jaintia Hills SP Bikram Marak said that “all necessary steps” are being taken to prevent any breakdown in law and order.

‘People are very disappointed by the loss’

Meanwhile, the local priest in Mukuru organized a special prayer service for those killed. He said, “I cannot express it fully, but people are feeling very devastated by the loss. They are very sad, especially because most of the people who were killed were the heads of their families. Have to pick up.”

‘A police border post should be set up here’

Paynyulad Kindia, another local resident, pointed to frequent tussles with officials across the border in Assam. He said, “A large number of villagers are farmers and most of their paddy fields are in an area where officials from Assam often come to harass them. It is the harvesting season and most of the troubles happen during this time. If both the states If we can’t resolve the border dispute, at least a police border outpost should be set up here to prevent such incidents.”