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In Uttarakhand @ 25 Chintan Shivir, the ministers of CM Dhami chanted mantras for the progress of the state, Maharaj said – Ministers also want to write ACRs of officers

In Strong Uttarakhand @ 25 Chintan Shivir, ministers of Dhami government chanted mantras for the progress of the state. Finance Minister Premchand Aggarwal insisted on increasing the earnings to improve the financial condition of the state, while Tourism Minister Satpal Maharaj raised the issue of writing ACRs of the bureaucrats in the presence of them.

Agriculture Minister Ganesh Joshi said that instead of getting trapped in the illusion of figures, we have to focus on the quality of the products. Similarly, other ministers of the government presented their vision in the Chintan Shivir. Presenting this report of ‘Amar Ujala’-

Minister also wants to write ACR of officers: Maharaj
Cabinet Minister Satpal Maharaj raised the issue of writing ACRs of officers to ministers in Chintan Shivir. He said that the ministers also want them to write ACRs based on the work of the officers. There is nothing wrong in this. He will have to work seriously on preparing an action plan to promote winter tourism and make the state a wedding destination.

We have to make efforts to reduce expenses: Aggarwal

Finance Minister Premchand Aggarwal said, we have to make efforts towards reducing the revenue expenditure. The sources of income have to be increased in the state. Special attention should be given to centrally funded schemes. The funds received from the Center for various works and schemes should be spent on time in a planned manner.

Department-wise contemplation camp and work on five resolutions: Dhan Singh

Health and Education Minister Dr. Dhan Singh Rawat said that department-wise contemplation camps should be held. There is a need to work on five resolutions to make Uttarakhand the best state by 2025. This includes complete education, corruption, tuberculosis free and poverty and drug free Uttarakhand.

Departments will have to work in coordination: Joshi

Agriculture and Horticulture Minister Ganesh Joshi said that all departments will have to work in coordination. There is a need to focus more on quality rather than quantity in products. Officers should ensure that the benefits of the schemes reach the eligible persons on time.

Coordination between executive and legislator is necessary: ​​Uniyal

Forest Minister Subodh Uniyal said that proper coordination between the executive and the legislature is necessary for the overall development of the state. The possibilities of eco-tourism have to be further increased. There is a strong potential in the state in the direction of aromatic farming. For this the local people should be made aware.

Focus will have to be given on empowering women and youth: Rekha

Cabinet Minister Rekha Arya said that to make Uttarakhand a leading state by 2025, special attention will have to be paid towards empowerment of women and youth.

Small scale industries will have to be opened in hilly areas: Chandan Ramdas

Cabinet Minister Chandan Ram Das said that we have to rapidly promote small scale industries in hilly areas. Such new industries will have to be opened there. This will increase employment opportunities.

Innovative marketing needed in fish production: Bahuguna

Cabinet Minister Saurabh Bahuguna said that fisheries is a good sector to increase the income of farmers. We need innovative marketing. Uttara Fish Project has been started, Goat Valley concept is also being worked out in the state.