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Uttar Pradesh : The dead person gave the testimony of his being alive in the papers! Said in the court – ‘I am not dead, I am alive, I have seven children’

A 65-year-old man named Rahmatullah reached the CJM’s court. Handing over the application to the judge, he told that I am alive and I have seven children. Rahmatullah is alleged to have written a deed of property in the name of another Rahmatullah. On this, an application has been filed in the court alleging fraud against him. This person claimed in the court that he is the real Rahmatullah. Some people showed him dead and got his property in their name. Now a case has been filed against him by calling him a fake Rahmatullah. The court has sought a report from the police station.

This is the case

In fact, the CJM had summoned the accused Shabnam, Shahzad Hussain, Mohammad Azam and Rahmatullah’s son Zahoor Hasan on the application of Shahid Hassan’s son Rahmatullah, resident of Mohalla Shekhan town, Sahaspur police station Seohara. According to the complaint application, Rahmatullah s/o Zahoor died in 1995. Before his death, Rahmatullah donated his land as a gift to his father Rahmatullah’s son Karim Baksh. Shahid’s father also died in 1991.

Accused of cheating by posing as Rahmatullah’s son Zahoor

It was alleged that Naib Tehsildar Dhampur, Lekhpal Gajendra Singh, Kanungo Yogendra Kumar, Shabnam, Shahzad Hussain, Mohammad Azam, in connivance with Rahmatullah’s son Zahoor Hasan, transferred the said property in favor of Shabnam through a donation letter with the help of fake documents. It is alleged that another person has committed this fraud posing as Rahmatullah’s son Zahoor. The court had summoned Shabnam, Shahzad Hussain, Mohammad Azam and Rahmatullah.

It was also claimed to perform the last rites

This person named Rahmatullah appeared in the court on Wednesday along with advocate Ajay Kumar Babli. He said, I am Rahmatullah, whom the plaintiff has shown dead in the year 1995. Alleged that Shahid Hussain had other accused Iqbal, Mohd. Yakub, in connivance with Abdul Salam and Abdullah, made him appear dead under a conspiracy and claiming to have performed all his last rites himself, got his property in their name with the help of fake documents.

Aadhaar card presented in court

Rahmatullah presented his Aadhaar card, photocopy of residence certificate and photo etc. in the court. Wrote in the prayer letter that he has filed a case of cheating and forgery against Shahid and other accused in police station Seohara. Accepting the application, CJM Sharib Ali has summoned the report from the police station. December 12 has been fixed for hearing.