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Uttarakhand / Pauri : Painful! The helpless mother kept watching, the leopard took away the piece of liver by pressing it in the jaw

In Podi Chandania Tola, a forest area of ​​Sanjay Tiger Reserve area, a wild leopard carried away an innocent by pressing it in its jaws. The dead body was found about 200 meters away. As soon as the incident was known, the staff of Sanjay Tiger Reserve reached the spot. The panchnama of the dead body has been prepared. The dead body will be handed over to the relatives after PM in the morning. There is an atmosphere of fear among the villagers since the incident.

On Thursday evening around 7 pm, Vishnu Singh God had gone to take the paddy home after threshing the paddy along with his relatives. His wife and 7-year-old son Santosh Singh remained in the barn. It was evening time and there was darkness all around. Nothing was visible in the distance. Mother was working in the barn, son was also behind. Suddenly the leopard came and pressed Santosh in the jaw and started running towards the forest. By the time mother could see it, it was too late. About 5 meters away from the barn, seeing the son in the jaws of the leopard, the mother started pleading. Hearing the noise, the people around reached the spot. The leopard was chased by the villagers, in such a situation, he went about 200 meters away and ran away leaving Santosh. Seriously injured Santosh died on the spot.

Sanjay Tiger Reserve’s team reached the spot

As soon as the incident was known, the team of Sanjay Tiger Reserve reached the spot. Tried to find the leopard but by then he had left the dead body and fled towards the forest.