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Uttarakhand : Congress’s old association with girlfriend culture, rich in experience and heritage – Chouhan

Hitting back at Congress president Karan Mahara’s allegation that the BJP had released its agent, the BJP called it part of the Congress culture and an inherited culture in this matter. Party’s state media in-charge Manveer Singh Chauhan said that BJP has always been giving importance to respect of women as per the eternal tradition. As far as Congress is concerned, this is not a new thing for it. Even the ministers in the Congress have been openly saying that conspiracies were hatched to assassinate them. Many main leaders of the same party came forward in such cases. Congress is rich in terms of experience and legacy from senior leaders. However, Congressmen have been beating the drum a lot regarding women’s respect and their rights.

Chouhan said that the Congress needs to reflect on the fact that it has become weak due to its policies and intentions and is blaming others. This infection is already there in Congress and it needs to treat this disease within itself, because it is its old problem.

Because of her negative and narrow mindedness, she was punished by the public and today she has gone to the margins. He said that the Congress is doing politics even on sensitive issues and is playing with the sentiments of the families of the victims. Be it Ankita case or Kedar Bhandari case, law is doing its work, but Congress is seeing it as an opportunity. Giving advice to the Congress, he said that the Congress should come forward for service work with a positive attitude among the public and avoid blaming others for its shortcomings.