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Kejriwal said – He eats a lot, if I get CBI-ED for 1 day, half of BJP will be in jail

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has given a big statement saying that if the investigating agencies are given to him for 24 hours, half of the BJP leaders will be in jail. He said that in the last 5 years, we have given Rs 1 lakh crore to MCD. Everything is eaten, if the food is reduced a little, then the employees will get salary. They eat a lot of money. All the agencies are with them. Give me CBI and ED for 24 hours, more than half of BJP will be inside jail.

In an interview given to NDTV, he said that he had given the construction of a bridge to a watch making company in Gujarat. This would not have happened in the world. They say that Satyendar Jain and Manish Sisodia are corrupt. Give us CBI and ED for 24 hours, then see. They have investigative agencies, they have done so many cases against us, they can prove anything. Manish did liquor scam, ate 10 thousand crores, where did those 10 thousand crore rupees go. Everything was done, nothing came out of the raids.

Reply given on leaked videos of Satyendar Jain

On the other hand, on the videos of Minister Satyendar Jain lodged in Tihar Jail, Kejriwal said that this video was given in the court, the court did not give any order. The court will decide whether Satyendar Jain is getting VVIP facilities in the jail or not. This means that whatever facilities they are getting, they are getting according to the jail manual. He is eating roti, so they are saying why he is eating roti. Amit Shah was in jail in 2010, where a deluxe jail was built for him. Food used to come from outside. Whenever he went to jail, he took VVIP services, he thinks that everyone must be taking them, we don’t.

Will fix mountains of garbage in Delhi: Kejriwal

The Chief Minister also said that he will clean the garbage of Delhi in 5 years and Yamuna will be cleaned by 2025. I will take a dip in the Yamuna in the 2025 elections. On pollution, he said that there is a very serious pollution problem in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh. Pollution is the problem of the country. The Center should find a legal and technical solution to this. Pollution has reduced in Delhi in 5 years. We are serious about this. The mountains of garbage will also be cured, when man went to the moon, then these are mountains of garbage.