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Chhattisgarh / Durg : You would not have seen such a thief who steals and distributes it among the poor, gives funny answers to the SP

A video of interrogation between Chhattisgarh’s Durg SP and a thief is in the news. When the SP asked the thief what he did with the stolen amount, he said that he distributed it among the poor. Cows, dogs and the poor sitting on the roadside in the cold were spent on blankets and food. The entire police officer laughed at the thief’s such reply. The thief even said that he enjoyed stealing a lot, but came out and regretted a lot. In the month of November, there were incidents of theft in four different places of Supela, Smriti Nagar and Vaishali Nagar police station area. When the police identified the accused from the CCTV footage, they were identified. After this, the police had disclosed the case by arresting 8 accused in the case.

The stolen money was distributed among the poor

Durg SP Abhishek Pallav interrogated the accused during the revelations. During interrogation, the accused replied in such a frank and funny manner as if they had no remorse for their actions. One thief even said that he regretted the theft, due to which he distributed the stolen amount among the poor.

Gambling, ganja, beedi with stolen money

In the police interrogation, the second accused Mahesh Yadav told that he only gets intoxicated with ganja and after getting intoxicated, he commits the theft incident. On the other hand, the other accused told that he gambled with the stolen amount. He lives at Lalit Kabadi in Bhilai. Stolen goods are bought openly there. He told that he does not even touch alcohol, but drinks marijuana worth Rs 50 and beedi worth Rs 7 daily. The accused said that during the construction of the flyover in NH, they used to steal tin sheets placed on the roadside and then sell them at scrap.

These accused were arrested

In the case of theft, the Durg police have arrested Shahil Khan alias Gabbar (18 years), resident of Indiranagar Sheetla Mandir Supela, Mahesh Yadav (18 years), Panchram Mirza Gali, Ravan Bhatha Supela resident Ghulam Khan (23 years), resident of Sheetla Mandir Supela, across the canal. Tukeshwar alias Dokra (19 years) and a minor have been arrested. Along with this, the police arrested Dharmendra Verma (27 years), resident of Bazar Tariya Khairagarh, Gendaram Janghel (26 years), resident of Salhekhurd Dhamdha and Manas Jena (43 years), resident of Sonarpara Khairagarh, who bought and sold gold and silver jewellery.

Goods used to be stolen and sold in Khairagarh

The police laid siege on 21 November and arrested Shahil Khan, Tukeshwar Thakur and a minor. He told that they, along with their friends Ghulam Khan and Mahesh, had committed theft in 4 deserted houses in Supela, Vaishali Nagar and Smriti Nagar areas. The accused said that they used to take the gold, silver and jewelery found there after the theft to Dharmendra Verma, a resident of Taria Khairagarh. He used to sell the stolen goods at Gendram Janghel, a resident of Dhamdha. When the police interrogated Dharmendra and Gendaram, they told that their relative works in the Gendaram jewelry shop. He used to get Sona galvanized near his acquaintance. After that he used to sell it.