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Rajasthan / Sawai Madhopur: The contract worker was asking for money in lieu of getting the transformer delivered quickly, Congress MLA slapped him

When the intoxication of power rises, people often forget the difference between right and wrong and commit some such mistakes, which they remember later. One such case is of Sawai Madhopur district of Rajasthan. Where Congress’s Bamanwas MLA Indira Meena lost her temper during the inspection of the office of the Electricity Department and slapped the boy twice. This video of MLA slapping the boy is also going viral on social media. On the one hand, the infighting going on in the Congress is not hidden from anyone. Actually, this incident is from Baunli town area of Sawai Madhopur district. Where Congress MLA Indira Meena slapped the boy, the ruckus has exposed the reality of the broken MLA in front of everyone. At the same time, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra is proposed in Sawai Madhopur district in the coming few days. But a few days before that, the MLA was slapped. At present, his video has also gone viral on social media.

‘Thappadbaaz’ Congress MLA of Sawai Madhopur slapped

Know what is the matter?

At the same time, the video of the MLA’s slapping has increased another problem for the Congress. According to the information, MLA Indira Meena had received a complaint about the interference of outsiders and farmers not getting transformers on time in the office of Electricity Department located at Bauli, on which MLA Indira Meena along with her team reached the office of Electricity Department. Where the MLA checked the store keeper’s room and register.

MLA slapped the boy

During this, the MLA also found an outsider boy on the spot, about whom the MLA had a complaint that this outsider boy interferes in the work of the office. In such a situation, he extorts money from farmers in the name of getting transformers. On this, the MLA lost his temper and while taking the decision on the spot, slapped the boy twice. Along with this, the MLA also instructed the young man to stay away from the office.

Many people including the electricity officer were present in the slap

Let us tell you that during the slapping of the MLA, along with the policemen, officials of the electricity department and other villagers were also present. During this, the MLA has also given strict instructions to the officials of the Electricity Department to stop the interference of outsiders in the work of the office. The big thing is that how can an outsider interfere in any work without the consent of the departmental officers.