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Another live-in partner murdered in Delhi, woman stabbed on jaw and throat, accused arrested

After the Shraddha murder case of Delhi, now another shocking case has come to the fore in the capital. In Tilak Nagar, a person named Manpreet stabbed his live-in partner Rekha Rani to death. He is absconding since the murder. Crime Branch of Delhi has arrested him from Punjab. Police said that he has been involved in murder and kidnapping cases earlier also.

Regarding this incident, Delhi Police had told on Friday that the name of the deceased is Rekha Rani, who lived in a rented house in Ganesh Nagar for the last 15 years. The information was received at Tilak Nagar police station at 12.28 pm. After this a team reached the house and found that the door was locked. When the police opened the door, they found Rekha Rani’s dead body.

Why was the plan to kill Rekha made?

The police have made many shocking revelations in this matter. Police said that the accused deals in the sale and purchase of second hand cars in Delhi. His father is settled in US. He was married in 2006. He has two sons with his wife, but in 2015 he came in contact with a woman named Rekha and love blossomed between the two. Manpreet then took a house on rent in Ganesh Nagar. In which he started living in live-in with Rekha. Gradually, he felt that he was now feeling trapped in this relationship, so he made a plan to end Rekha.

Plan made after Shraddha murder case!

According to the police, on the night of December 1, the accused reached the flat and put Rekha’s 16-year-old daughter to sleep by mixing sleeping pills in her food. After this, he killed Rekha with a sharp weapon, which he had bought some time ago for the purpose of killing. The police suspect that after witnessing the Shraddha murder case, the accused hatched the plan and that is why he bought the sharp weapon (Chapad). According to the police, the planning of the accused was similar, but because of the 16-year-old girl present in the house, he thought it better to abscond after carrying out the crime.