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Badly trapped Paresh Rawal, said – ‘What will you do with cheap gas cylinders, will you cook food for Bengalis?’ Now the statement created a ruckus

Actor-turned-politician Paresh Rawal remains in headlines for his statements. Now in the middle of the Gujarat elections, a video of him has come to the fore, for which he is being severely criticized. Just before the first phase of elections in Gujarat, Paresh Rawal had come to campaign for his party BJP, where he also addressed the people. Meanwhile, Paresh Rawal made this statement while referring to Rohingya Muslims, on which a controversy has started.

What did Paresh Rawal say in Gujarat?

In Gujarat’s Valsad, Paresh Rawal addressed the people in Gujarati only. In which he tried to give clarification on behalf of the government regarding the demand for expensive gas cylinders and employment. During this, Paresh Rawal said, “Gas cylinder is expensive but it will become cheaper. People will also get employment, but what will happen when Rohingya Muslims and Bangladeshis will start living around you. As is happening in Delhi. Then what will you do with the gas cylinder? Will you cook fish for the Bengalis?

During this, Paresh Rawal while referring to Gujarat said that the people of Gujarat can bear the inflation but not this. Referring to the opposition, he said that the way he abuses, one of them needs to wear a diaper over his mouth. Now a fierce controversy has started regarding this statement of Paresh Rawal and opposition leaders are criticizing him.

TMC MP raised questions

While sharing this video of Paresh Rawal, Trinamool Congress leader Kirti Azad attacked him fiercely. He wrote on Twitter, Babu Bhai Aap to Aise Na The… If Bangladeshis and Rohingyas enter India, it means they are not able to do their job well as Home Minister. Or are you saying that BSF is not able to protect the border properly?

At present, this video of Paresh Rawal is very viral on social media. Many users are sharing this video and accusing Paresh Rawal of spreading hatred against Bengalis and Bangladeshis. Even some people talked about boycotting his films. Till now no clarification has come from Paresh Rawal on this.