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Himachal Pradesh : Desperately tried 2 times to give life, still death did not happen, this time the body was cut into two parts, yet life was saved!

‘Jako rakhe saiyan maar sake na koi’… This proverb is fitting perfectly on a young man from Hamirpur district. Here a young man tried to commit suicide twice back to back failed. The young man hanged himself first, but was unsuccessful. After that he lay down on the tracks in front of the moving train. In the incident, the torso of the youth was split into two pieces. The special thing is that even after being divided into two parts, the young man did not die. He was lying soaked in blood like this on the tracks for many hours. People passing by were also stunned to see the young man divided into two pieces. During this, people also took information about the incident from him. Passengers informed the GRP about the matter. The ambulance reached on the information, picked up the injured youth and sent him to the Maudaha Community Hospital, where seeing his condition was critical, he was referred to Kanpur. However, during this time the incident remained a topic of discussion in the area. The police informed the family of the injured youth, after which the young man’s wife reached the hospital crying.

Suicide plan failed due to breaking of rope

The case pertains to Fatepur mohalla of Maudaha town. Lallu, a resident of here, went to Delhi to work as a laborer with his friend from neighboring village Bharswa. It is being told that Lallu returned to his home, but his friend did not return. After which his family members filed a complaint against Lallu in Biwan police station. Lallu became tense due to repeated police questioning. According to the family, one day Lallu tried to hang himself with the help of a fan in the house, but failed as the rope broke.

Jumped in front of moving train, split in two

Lallu, who failed to commit suicide once, reached Hamirpur station to try again and lay down on the tracks. A few minutes later, the train that arrived broke it into two pieces. Even after being divided into two parts, Lallu was not destined to die. People passing by saw the blood-soaked Lallu divided into two parts and informed the GRP, during which he told the people the whole reason behind committing suicide.