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Janata Darbar by taking bribe! Police and CO are running bulldozers on houses together, Patna High Court judge furious at police

It has often been seen in Bihar that action is taken by the administration with bulldozers regarding the land issue. Recently, the Bihar Police had taken action with a bulldozer at a woman’s house, on which both the Bihar Police and the lawyer were fiercely thrashed in the bench of Justice Sandeep Kumar in the Patna High Court. Its video is going viral on social media, in which the judge is telling lies to the police and the lawyer. The video has been told of Patna High Court in which Judge Sandeep Kumar is reprimanding the Bihar Police and the lawyer. The judge is saying whether the bulldozer started running here too? Who do you represent? Of the state or of a private person? They have made a spectacle that they demolish anyone’s house with bulldozers. The judge also said that the Janata Darbar, the police and the CO are jointly getting the houses demolished by taking bribe. Now everyone will withdraw five lakh each from their pocket.

‘Shut down the civil court’

In the video, Judge Sandeep Kumar’s bench, while reading the petition, said that all the officers have collusion with one or the other land mafia. After reading this, the judge said that by marking the land disputes, the police station itself has been given the power to execute? The judge said that if you have a problem then go to the police station. Get someone’s house demolished by giving money. Shut down the civil court. We are here to protect you not to do wrong. The bench orally noted that the victim has given her stand on the manner in which the house in question was demolished in violation of the powers of the court.

‘Petition to vacate the land at the behest of the land mafia’

The petitioner’s counsel for the victim informed the court that a false case has been registered against the petitioner and his family members for pressurizing them to vacate the land at the behest of land mafia. The bench assured the petitioner that it was for the safety of the petitioner and not to harass the petitioner. Consequently, the court stayed the FIR and restrained the police from arresting the petitioner and his family members in the matter.

Vinod Kapri saluted the judge

Here, filmmaker and senior journalist Vinod Kapri has shared its video. He wrote on Twitter on Saturday that “Thousands of salutations reached Patna High Court judge Sandeep Kumar” If you want to run bulldozers, should you close the courts? If there are two-four such judges in every court, then the picture of this country will change. Apart from this, Vinod Kapri tweeted more and praised the judge.

‘Janata Darbar, Police and CO together getting houses demolished by taking bribe’

Judge Sandeep Kumar said that we will get five lakh rupees each for the demolition of the house. He will give this money from his personal pocket. These people have remained agents, they should not be stopped. The judge said that after taking bribe, Janata Darbar, police and CO together are getting the houses demolished. Along with this, the court said that everyone will come to the court on December 8 with their procession. The Court has directed the Superintendent of Police, Patna East Circle Officer, Patna City and the Officer-in-Charge, Agamkuan Police Station to appear before the court in person.