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Uttar Pradesh / Barabanki : 2 daughters got their father declared dead for 7 bighas of land! The old man kept giving proofs of his being alive for many years

Till now you must have heard many stories of Kalyugi sons, who have harmed their near and dear ones for the sake of land and property. But such a case has come to the fore, where two daughters declared their father dead for a small piece of land. Now the tortured father of daughters is stumbling door to door to prove himself alive for the last 17 years. The aggrieved father is doing rounds from small to big officials, but he is not getting justice from anywhere.

The whole matter is related to Satyanarayan, a native of village Turkani of Siroligauspur tehsil area of Barabarri. He was married to Saroj Kumari of Badel village of Banki block. Badel village is now a part of Nagar Palika Parishad Nawabganj. Satyanarayan has two daughters Preeti and Jyoti Saini. According to him, on October 12, 2005, wife Saroj Kumari had passed away. Satyanarayan alleges that both his daughters declared him dead for seven bighas of land.

He says that he is tired of giving proof of his existence for the last 17 years. But they are not being heard anywhere. At the same time, the victim Satyanarayan has reached the District Magistrate Avinash Kumar for justice. After which the DM has instructed SDM Nawabganj Vijay Kumar Trivedi to take action. Please tell that Pawan Kumar Saini, the husband of his elder daughter Preeti Saini, is supporting the victim Satyanarayan in this fight. Pawan Kumar Saini has turned against his wife for his father-in-law Satyanarayan. Due to which he is also being harassed along with his father-in-law. So that he retreats.

Satyanarayan says that his daughters Preeti and Jyoti have shown him dead along with their mother in the copy of the family register. He alleges that both the daughters did this in connivance with the then Gram Panchayat Officer Fateh Bahadur Tiwari. After which, on the basis of this copy, on October 23, 2005, his daughters got the inheritance of about seven bighas of land in their names by the then Lekhpal Shivakant Dwivedi. Along with this, a middleman Ganesh Shankar got the deed of the land done in the name of Babadin’s wife Shanti and Anurag Yadav, since then he is constantly stumbling door to door.

On the other hand, according to the victim’s son-in-law Pawan Saini, he had filed a case in 2006 in the court of Naib Tehsildar Pratapganj to cancel this wrong inheritance, which is still pending. He told that in the year 2013, the then DM Ministi S of Barabanki had got the investigation done. After which, on October 23, 2013, the then Gram Panchayat Officer issued a copy of the family register of Satyanarayan being alive, but Satyanarayan is still not considered alive in the case of Naib Tehsildar.