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Chhattisgarh : Young man selling pavbhaji got notice of GST theft of Rs 1.5 crore

A strange case of GST evasion has come to light in Chhattisgarh, GST department officials caught a pavbhaji seller on their radar. While the poor man kept saying this till the last time, sir, my income is not even that much. So that I can pay GST. This entire matter pertains to Raigarh district. This pavbhaji seller has been accused of evading GST worth Rs 1.5 crore. In this case, GST officers had raided the house of a youth selling pavbhaji. When the young man who sold pav bhaji on the cart was accused of such a huge GST theft, the young man also got scared. He didn’t understand anything. GST officers started talking about taking action against the youth. When they reached his house, they came to know the reality. In fact, in this whole matter, the youth’s Aadhaar card was misused. In this case, the youth has lodged a complaint after reaching the SP office.

Rajesh runs a fast food shop

Actually Rajesh Kumar Jogi runs a fast food center in front of Gauri Shankar Mandir Mod in Raigarh city. The GST officials raided his house but did not find anything. But here the authorities came to know the truth. He also told that he sets up a fast food stall. He told that he never took GST number. The officers were also surprised to hear this.

1.5 crore tax evasion in the name of Akash Traders

GST department officials told that GST worth about Rs 1.5 crore has been stolen in the name of Akash Traders. GST officers talked about taking action against Rajesh. Rajesh Kumar told that he does not have that much income. Rajesh had applied for a shop in the Municipal Corporation in the year 2021. But due to some error in his Aadhaar card, he could not get the benefit.

Victimized in the name of improving aadhaar card

After this case, Rajesh reached the SP office with his complaint. After reaching the SP office, the victim Rajesh told that he had given it to a young man named Vishesh Agarwal about one and a half years ago to rectify the error in the Aadhaar card. The young man told me that he would get the Aadhaar card corrected. After this I gave him my Aadhaar card. Later, after a long time has passed, he has not returned the Aadhaar card to me. Now when the officials raided, then he came to know about this. After the complaint of the youth, the police has started investigation in this matter.