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Madhya Pradesh / Ratlam: High speed truck crushed many people, dead bodies scattered on the road, screams

The big news of this time is coming out from Ratlam in Madhya Pradesh, here an unbridled truck created an orgy of death. The truck has crushed many people, the incident is about 35 km from Ratlam district. It is far away from the Satrunda intersection. Let us inform that one way from this intersection goes to Ratlam, one to Ujjain and one to Indore. After the incident, there was hue and cry on the spot, dead bodies were scattered on the road. It is being told that the tire of the truck was burst and hence it went uncontrolled and climbed on the people sitting on the divider.

According to the initial information, the truck was going from Ratlam to Badnawar. Meanwhile, the truck’s tire burst at a high speed near Chowpatty at Satrunda intersection and the truck went uncontrolled and climbed the bus stop. People were sitting at the bus stop, crushing whom the truck overtook and also hit a bike. According to the information being received in the beginning, bodies of five people killed in this painful incident have been brought to Ratlam Medical College while 12-13 people have been injured. Those who are being taken to the hospital with the help of the local people. The people who were crushed by the truck sitting on the divider had come to visit Mataji and the truck became death for them.

List of injured
1- Rakhi husband Kanhaiya Lal Dhakad 30 years resident Bangrod
2- Vishal’s father Bhanwarlal Chordia, 20 years resident Bakhatgarh
3- Bhagirath’s father Dhula ji Charmkar 81 years resident Ghatghara
4- Khushbu’s father Bhanwarlal 18 years
5- Madhu father Shambhu Parmar 20 years resident Dholana
6- Nikita father Bhanwarlal Chordia 05 years resident Bakhatgarh
7- Shanti left husband Shambhulal Charmkar 42 years resident Dholana
8- Sangeeta husband Paras 30 years resident Ghoraghat
9- Mangal father Gopal Parmar 16 years resident Dholana
10- Unknown female 35 years