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Volcanic eruption again in Indonesia’s Mount Semeru, huge cloud of ash raised in the air

The tallest volcano on Indonesia’s most populous island erupted in a new eruption on Sunday, spewing plumes of gas and rivers of lava. According to National Disaster Management Agency spokesman Abdul Muhri, citing information from the Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation Agency under the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, monsoon rains have ended and the lava dome atop 3,676-metre-high Mount Semeru has subsided. collapsed, causing an explosion.

Alam is that sunlight is unable to reach many villages in this area of Indonesia due to the cloud of ash generated from the lava coming out of the volcano, but there is no news of any casualty. People have been advised to stay five kilometers away from the mouth of the crater and away from the southeast area of the Besuk Kobokan River, located about 13 kilometers from the crater.

Joko Sambang, head of the disaster management agency in Lumajang, East Java province, said hundreds of people, mostly women, children and the elderly, were moved to temporary shelters or evacuated to other safer areas. Semeru’s last major eruption was in December last year, when 51 people died due to a volcanic eruption.