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Painful! Father kept watching while sitting on the boat! Crocodile dragged 1-year-old child into the water in one fell swoop

The crocodile swallowed the child alive in front of the father. The child’s father was also badly injured in the accident. The crocodile attacked a 1-year-old boy and his father when they were fishing on a boat in the river. The video of this heart-wrenching incident which came to light on Thursday in Malaysia’s Lahad Datu’s Sabah is going viral on social media. The child was with his father in the boat. Meanwhile, the crocodile pounced on both of them. The crocodile took the child into the water by pressing it in its jaws. The father also tried to save the child but he became helpless in front of the crocodile.

According to media reports, the child’s father has suffered several injuries in this gruesome accident. At the same time, a big wound has formed on his head. The crocodile very quickly dragged the innocent child under the water in its jaws. However, the villagers somehow saved the 40-year-old father. In this case, the head of Lahud Datu Fire and Rescue Agency, Sumsoa Rashid told that the father has suffered many serious injuries in the accident. At the same time, the search operation is going on in search of his child. After this incident, the local citizens appeared very scared.

By the way, a similar incident also came to light from Odisha in September, when a crocodile injured a 45-year-old man in Kendrapara district. And in August, a crocodile killed a man swimming in a lake in Tamaulipas, Mexico. In July itself, crocodiles attacked tourists in Mexico.