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Uttar Pradesh : Azam Khan said- Yogiji should shoot my whole family in front of the assembly

National President of Rashtriya Lok Dal Jayant Chaudhary reached Rampur on Saturday in support of SP candidate Asim Raja. During this, while addressing the public meeting, Speaker Jayant Chaudhary appealed to the public to vote for SP candidate Asim Raja. Meanwhile, Azam Khan attacked BJP fiercely in his strong style. He said that Yogi ji should shoot me, my son and my wife in front of the assembly. I forgive my blood At the same time, Jayant Chaudhary said that Yogi Adityanath is always angry and some people also call him Chhota Mogambo (CM Yogi Chhota Mogambo). The state is not stable and has reached here by telling lies. SP leader Azam Khan said during the speech that when I started the political journey of my life. So my first relationship and first political association was with Chowdhary Charan Singh, grandfather of Jayant Chowdhary. I won the first election on the ticket given by him. He said that there is no criminal other than me and my children on this stage. Me and my children are the biggest criminals. We cannot prove the origin of which.

Azam Khan said that it will happen in India that people will live a life of humiliation in the fear of the shadow of khaki uniform. You have taken away their right to life. If someone opens his tongue, there is a lawsuit. A woman had filed a case against Azam Khan for his indecent remark, on which she said, O my sister, I had fought for you, you have filed a case against me. Azam Khan further said that mine, my wife and my children are all guilty. Go make everyone stand in front of the assembly and shoot them. Go, I forgive you my blood. Those who are being given a stage today will not be given a stage tomorrow. Abdul will not spread the carpet, will mop and after 8th will be kicked out of that area.

At the same time, National President of Rashtriya Lok Dal Jayant Chaudhary said who is the main witness of Lakhimpur. For them, the Supreme Court said that the state government should provide security. I talked to them 5 days ago, then I came to know that the security of the witnesses has been removed. Where is the shame on such a government, such a system which is not ready to accept the Supreme Court. We will fight brick by brick for the injustice done to the farmers after the 5th. On the Hathras incident, Jayant Chaudhary said that the family which was announced by the District Magistrate and the Chief Minister, has not yet been completed.

Taking a jibe at Yogi Adityanath, Jayant Chaudhary said that Yogi is always angry, people call him Chhota Mogambo. I will also tell him to smile a bit, man, I know you are in tension. The state is not stable, you have reached here by telling a lot of lies.