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Uttarakhand : Dhami government will make solar village

One thousand villages in Uttarakhand will be developed as solar villages. Pushkar Singh Dhami government is making this plan under the new solar policy. Barren land will be used for green energy by setting up solar plants in south facing villages in the state. In fact, due to the solar policy brought during the previous BJP government, a large number of solar plants have been installed in the hilly districts. Due to this people get employment, green energy production as well as use of barren lands. In such a situation, the government is now going one step further in the direction of solar production in the mountains. Under this, there is a plan to invest in this area by identifying places with good sunlight in the mountainous areas.

It is the endeavor of the state government that maximum number of local youths should set up solar plants on their lands and strengthen their economy. Arrangements being made in the new policy Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami had announced to bring a new solar policy in the state. Under this, the draft is being prepared these days. One or two rounds of meetings have been held and suggestions have been sought from the general public regarding the new scheme on the website of UREDA. People from all over the state are showing great interest in this scheme. In such a situation, the draft of the new policy can be finalized soon and brought to the cabinet.