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Uttar Pradesh / Ghaziabad : Father-in-law installed camera in daughter-in-law’s bedroom, married woman said- I was cheated!

A woman living in a colony in Vijayanagar area of Ghaziabad has accused her father-in-law of making obscene videos by installing a camera in the bedroom. The woman alleges that at the time of Nikah, her in-laws told her husband to be an employee in Delhi’s health department but he is a mental patient. The woman has lodged a report against her husband, mother-in-law, brother-in-law and two sisters-in-law. The woman says that she was married three years ago with a young man from Delhi. After marriage it was found that he has seizures and is physically and mentally ill. She has been living in the maiden for a long time.

Father-in-law wants forcefully to have a relationship
It is alleged that the father-in-law wants to have a relationship by taking her forcibly. Station in-charge Vijayanagar Anita Chauhan says that the matter is being investigated by registering a report.