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Earth, Mars, Sun, Moon come in a row, today the red planet will be the biggest and brightest; Next coincidence will happen in 2025

Today a wonderful sight will be seen in the sky. Our Earth will be between Mars and the Sun throughout the day. Around 10.30 am, the moon also came in its line. Because of this, Mars hid behind the moon for an hour. However, this phenomenon could be seen only from North America and parts of Europe including North Africa and Gulf countries. The red planet will be visible at night in India.

Coincidence made on the last full moon of the year
This astronomical event is taking place on the full moon day of the month of Agahan. This is the last full moon of this year. Mars will appear bright near a fully lit Moon. It will be difficult to see it in the morning in India, but it will be visible during the night. The phenomenon hiding behind the moon of Mars could not be seen from most areas of Asia.

Mars will shine brighter than usual
The astronomical event happening today is called Mars opposition. In this, Mars and Sun come in opposite directions of our planet. In such a situation, Mars appears brighter and bigger than normal. Its brightness will increase to minus 1.9 magnitude. This event happens once every 26 months. That is, now the next Mars opposition will be in January 2025.

View Mars through binoculars or telescope
Although red and bright Mars can be seen with the naked eye, but you can use binoculars or a normal telescope for a better view. It is also necessary to have a clear sky to see this phenomenon properly. Many channels on YouTube will also livestream this beautiful natural phenomenon.