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Madhya Pradesh : Innocent trapped in 400 feet deep borewell for 40 hours, rescue team dug 45 feet pit; Officer said – how long will be able to remove, can not say

A 6-year-old boy who fell into a borewell in Madhya Pradesh’s Betul could not be pulled out even after 40 hours. The bore is 400 feet deep. A pit is being dug parallel to the bore to retrieve the child, but the depth of the pit could not be increased much due to continuous inflow of water. A 45 feet pit has been dug parallel to the borewell. Now the work of making the tunnel will start.

Collector Amanbir Singh Bains told that the work of making tunnel will be done with cross bore machine. As far as this machine works, the tunnel will be made through the machine itself. It has been decided to install another machine so that there is no vibration of big machines in the bore. First the child will be taken to CHC Aathner. ICU will be shifted from there, but at present no response is coming from inside.

ADM Shyamendra Jaiswal told that the boy is trapped 38 feet below in the borewell. More than 125 personnel of Harda, Hoshangabad and Betul SDERF, NDRF are engaged in rescue in Mandvi village. Jaiswal told that till when innocent Tanmay will be taken out, there is no idea about it. The parents of the innocent are praying at home for his safety. The child’s schoolmates are also praying for his well-being.

The work is getting affected due to frequent filling of water in the pit. Because of the hard stones and rocks, the excavation is not progressing that much. Home Guard Commandant SR Ajmi told that a 7 to 8 feet straight tunnel would be made to reach the child. After the tunnel is made, the child will be taken out from the side of the feet. NDRF team is operating the rescue operation. There has been a discussion with the blasting expert on making the tunnel.

People of four villages gathered to help
The people of Mandvi village where the incident took place as well as 4 nearby villages have extended their helping hand. From free food to all kinds of arrangements are being made by the villagers for more than 200 people involved in the rescue. The villagers told that the administration is constantly engaged in relief work. Therefore, we are also extending cooperation to help at every level. Our only intention is to see Tanmay laughing and playing.

There will be an FIR against the farm owner
ADM Shyamendra Jaiswal said that getting the child out safely is a priority. After this FIR will be lodged against the farm owner. SDRF and NDRF teams are constantly trying to reach the child. Very hard stones are coming in the pit being dug, so there is difficulty in removing them. The child has not responded since Tuesday evening.

मध्यप्रदेश के मुख्यमंत्री शिवराज सिंह चौहान ने ट्वीट करते हुए बच्चे की कुशलता की प्रार्थना की।

CM Shivraj, who is monitoring the whole matter himself, said – The administration has been instructed to take all necessary steps. On Wednesday, the officials told the CM that the NDRF-SDERF team is continuously working.

A round of prayers for Tanmay’s well-being
Prayers are also going on for Tanmay’s safety. People in the entire village are offering prayers and praying for his well-being. Students studying with Tanmay chanted the Gayatri Mantra at the Gayatri Mandir in Mandvi.

The baby is not moving in any way
Officials involved in the rescue say that due to water leakage, more precaution will have to be taken while making the tunnel. Machinery will not be used for this. A team of experienced people has been prepared for this work. The team will do the work of tunneling with the help of light drill machine. Water is continuously leaking from the ground. In such a situation, the work of taking out the water is also being done with the help of two pumps.

The officer of the rescue team said – the child is not moving in any way. We try to reach the child as soon as possible. The child’s hands are up. Because of this, he cannot send any food and drink items. Oxygen is being given in the borewell. The child was last talked to yesterday i.e. Tuesday around 5 pm. Then he said – it is very dark here. I am scared. get out fast

Sarang said – strict action will be taken against the errant
Medical Education Minister Vishwas Sarang said that the first priority is to get Tanmay out safely. A thorough investigation will be conducted into the matter of the fall of the child. Whoever’s mistake will come to light, strict action will be taken against him. We are in constant touch with the administration. The Chief Minister himself is monitoring the entire matter.

6 poklen, 3 bulldozer engaged in digging
All the officers including Collector, SP reached the spot. 6 poklen, 3 bulldozers and tractors are engaged in removing the soil-murm. The rescue team told that the child is trapped in the bore at a depth of 38 feet. Drops of water are dripping on it. Due to the stone, the work of digging is going on very slowly.

Collector Amanbir Bains told that an attempt was made to pull the child up by tying a rope in his hand, he had also come up about 12 feet, but in the meantime the rope opened and he got stuck there.

The child’s voice came from inside the borewell
The accident took place on Tuesday evening around 5 pm in Mandvi village of Aathner in Betul district. 6 year old Tanmay was playing with other children. Meanwhile, he fell into the borewell of the neighbor. On sounding, the child’s voice came from inside the borewell. On this, the family members immediately informed the Betul and Aathner police.

Tanmay’s 11-year-old sister Nidhi Sahu said, “We were playing hide and seek. Told brother that let’s go home now. He came jumping. There was sack upon sack. He was holding the sack, by the time I reached, the brother had gone downstairs. Mother Ritu Sahu says that he fell around 5 o’clock. He also gave voice. Then his fast breathing was going on.

Made the child talk to the father
As soon as the information about the incident was received, Collector, DIG, SP, Commissioner Shriman Shukla, Tehsildar Aathner and all the big officers of police-administration also reached the spot.

The family was asked to talk to the child. The child’s father spoke to him. Tanmay studies in class II. Father Sunil told that he had got 400 feet deep bore done on the farm 8 days ago. His son has fallen in this bore.