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The woman was doing the postmortem of the dead body, suddenly a live snake came out in the dead body and then…

There is a sense of fear in the minds of the people regarding the post mortem house. People like to stay away from such places. At the same time, people working in such places sometimes have scary experiences. A similar case has emerged from Maryland, USA. Actually, here a female technician was doing autopsy of the dead body. During this, something happened to her that she lost consciousness and she ran away screaming. Actually, the woman found a snake alive from inside the dead body. After this she got scared.

A live snake was inside the dead body

The name of this autopsy technician woman is Jessica Logan. 31-year-old Jessica told about her horrifying experience that when she was doing the post-mortem of a dead body, she found a live snake in the thigh of that dead body. Jessica Logan says she loves her job and has been working as an autopsy technician for nine years.

Dead body in bad condition

Jessica Logan told that she was running across the room screaming after suddenly getting a snake from inside the dead body. She did not return to that room until the snake was caught. Jessica told that after the death of the person, the snake had entered his body. The body of the deceased was in a very bad condition. The body was found in a drain.

Did this work due to financial constraints

Autopsy technician Jessica told that if the dead body is dry and cold then usually not many insects are found in it. But if it is hot and humid then there are a lot of worms in the body. Also, he says that there is no way to get rid of dead bodies where worms are found. In such conditions the employees are forced to work. Jessica didn’t plan to become an autopsy technician. She wanted to go to medical school and become a forensic pathologist and medical examiner, but her dream could not be fulfilled due to financial constraints.