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The groom gifted a ‘donkey’s child’ to the bride, you will be shocked to know the reason

Although the donkey is considered to be the stupidest animal in the world, but it is also very hardworking, but have you ever heard that someone has gifted a donkey to the bride in her marriage. Yes, you might not have heard, but this has happened. In Pakistan, a person gifted a donkey’s child to his new bride, then the people present there were shocked. Later, the husband also told the reason why he did this. Now the reason is going viral on social media. Let’s tell what is the whole matter.

Azlan Shah, an animal lover living in Pakistan, has shared a post on Instagram. On which he told that he has gifted a donkey’s child to his new bride. While giving such a gift, Azlan Shah says that people are asking the question that why only a donkey’s child was given a gift. He said there are two reasons for this. The first answer is that you like the baby donkey very much and the second answer is that it is the cutest and hardworking animal in the world. He said to his bride.

When the bridegroom said this, the bride Warisa says, I will not let you remain just a donkey. As soon as he says this, all the people present in the ceremony start laughing. Azlan Shah told that the child has not been separated from its mother. She has also come with him. Both were bought by their mother for ₹ 30000. He says that both will not have to do any wages. He will live happily on the farm. Will eat a lot, drink and play a lot with us.