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Uttarakhand : Dhami government gave a gift, biopsy test will be done in just 100 rupees, know what is biopsy?

The patients of Pahar will no longer have to go to Rishikesh AIIMS or any big hospital in Dehradun to get Bonemarrow Biopsy checked. Now patients in the mountains will get this facility in the Pathology Lab of the Medical College, Srinagar. The special thing is that for this test patients will have to pay only 100 rupees as fees. Till now, patients had to go to big hospitals in Rishikesh and Dehradun for these tests. But with the commencement of the MD course in the Pathology Department of Srinagar, the only medical college in the hilly districts of Garhwal region, seats have been allowed. Here four seats are being run in the second year and four seats in the first year.

CM Rawat, Principal of the Medical College, said that efforts are being made to remove whatever problems the patients used to face in the Medical College. Till now breast biopsy could not be done for women, but now that too has started. For this test, women can reach the base hospital of the medical college. Dr. CMS Rawat says that the aim of the Uttarakhand government is to provide medical treatment to the patients at minimum cost. The facility of Bonmaro Aspiration, Bonmaro Biopsy and True Cut Biopsy will also be available here.

What is biopsy

Biopsy is a medical examination procedure in which a small sample of tissue is taken and examined under a microscope. Tissue samples can be taken from anywhere in a person’s body except the skin, stomach, kidney, liver and lungs. Biopsy is usually done to find out the root cause of diseases in a person and to treat different types of health problems. Apart from this, it is done to identify abnormal cells and to detect certain diseases. Biopsy can also be used to measure how serious or advanced a disease is.