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CJI released the culprit of electricity theft, said – no case is small; Rijiju had said- Supreme Court is not small, listens to constitutional matters

In nine cases of electricity theft in UP, the Supreme Court (SC) has acquitted the person who was sentenced to two years imprisonment and fine for a total of 18 years, giving relief. The court has told the protection of personal freedom and basic rights behind this order. The Supreme Court said that if we do not interfere in matters of personal liberty, then it will be a downfall of justice.

Chief Justice DY Chandrachud’s bench ordered the release of a person who was in jail for the last several years for the crime of electricity theft. Justice Chandrachud said that although no matter is small or big, but if we do not do anything in such matters related to personal freedom, then what is the point of our sitting here. We are here to listen to the sobs of such people. That’s why we stay awake at night.

Actually, a person named Ikram was arrested in 2019. There were 9 cases of electricity theft on him and 9 separate trials were conducted. The trial court sentenced 2-2 years and said that these sentences will run one after the other. In this way he was sentenced to 18 years. The High Court rejected his appeal that the sentences should not run concurrently. Now the Supreme Court has overturned the decision of the High Court.

CJI DY Chandrachud on Friday heard a case of power theft and commuted the convict’s 18-year sentence. During the hearing, he said that no case is small for the Supreme Court. What are we sitting here doing if we cannot protect the personal liberty of the citizens?

By saying this, the CJI ordered the release of a person who had been sentenced to 7 years in the case of electricity theft. The CJI’s comment is being seen as a response to the government’s statement. In fact, Union Law Minister Kiren Rijiju had said on Thursday that the Supreme Court should not hear small matters. He should hear constitutional matters.

Injustice will happen if the court stops interfering – CJI
Earlier, giving the verdict, the CJI said, the judges stay awake till midnight to read the files. Simple matters are also important from the point of view of civil rights. We look at every case from the point of view of justice on the basis of equality. If the court stops interfering, it will be a grave injustice. No one will be able to hear the voices of those whose personal liberty has been curtailed.

Actually, Ikram of Hapur, Uttar Pradesh had 9 cases of electricity theft. The lower court sentenced him to 2-2 years in all the cases and said – the punishment will run one after the other. In such a situation, he was sentenced to 18 years. If Ikram did not get relief from the Allahabad High Court, he filed a petition in the Supreme Court.

The CJI asked Nagamuthu, the lawyer present in the court, for his opinion in the case. Senior advocate said, it is like giving life imprisonment in electricity theft. On this, the CJI said, the crime of electricity theft cannot be extended to the punishment given in the crime of murder. The convict has been sentenced for seven years, he should be released.