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Sajid Khan evicted? Preparations have been made to collect your bags and bedding from Bigg Boss house!

The weekend of ‘Bigg Boss 16’ has come and the lives of the family members on whom the sword of nomination hangs have also dried up. Now the details of the member nominated this week have also come to the fore and it is reported that this time none other than Sajid Khan is going to be out of ‘Bigg Boss’. A similar claim has been made in the report given by ‘The Khabri’ on Twitter.

Sajid Khan is getting eliminated from this house

‘The Khabri’ has given this information on Twitter. Describing it as exclusive and confirmed on Twitter, it has been said that Sajid Khan is getting eliminated from this house. Many people must have been happy with this news because there has been a ruckus since the beginning regarding the entry of Meetu accused Sajid Khan in Bigg Boss. On hearing this news, people have started expressing happiness on social media. People seem to be saying that if this happens, they will be the happiest. One has said – If this is true then a party is formed.

It was being said that Sajid had a deal with the maker

Sajid Khan was one of the nominated members this week. However, it was being said that the makers would not evict him from the house and it was said that he had struck a big deal with the makers. Sajid was nominated several times in this house and survived every time. In fact, as soon as Sajid’s name was included in the list of nominated members this week, the voting lines were closed and it was being said that this is nothing but a way to save Sajid. Because everyone knew that Sajid would get the least votes. However, this funda now seems to be proved wrong.

Not only this, Salman is also seen very angry on Sajid on the occasion of this Friday’s war. In fact, in the past, Sajid had provoked Abdu regarding Nimrit and now in the latest episode, along with Abdu, he has also given a class to Nimrit regarding love and crush. He gets angry at Nimrit for not telling Abdu about his affair, while Abdu angrily tries to convince him not to fall for Nimrit or else he will ruin himself. Now Salman Khan has started a class on Sajid regarding this matter.